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Hangzhou Dabang reducer Co., Ltd

Professional manufacturer of power transmission device integrating scientific research, production and sales


Corporate culture
Excellent corporate culture is the key to win the competition of modern enterprises and the essence and essence of enterprise development strategy and management concept. We advocate the corporate culture of "people-oriented, affinity and integrity", and establish the corporate fashion of "innovation, stability, professionalism and standardization".
1. We should build an "open, fair and fair" employment mechanism, create a "open, learning, professional" mainstream learning culture, and strive to continuously improve the level of professionalism of employees.
2. To carry out the corporate philosophy and cultural construction of "system culture, risk culture, integrity culture, implementation culture and performance culture".
3. Adhering to the business philosophy of "steady and enterprising, standardized operation, honest operation, prudent and efficient", we are committed to creating stable and high-level value growth for customers. The company deeply understands that honesty is the cornerstone of modern enterprises, and reputation is the company's valuable intangible assets. The company constructs the system of honest management from the aspects of management concept, management system and corporate culture, and sets up a good image in the industry.
4. Focus on improving the corporate spirit in various activities of the company, make the excellent corporate culture of people-oriented, friendly and honest deeply rooted in the people's hearts, and realize the common promotion of employees' Self-worth and the company's value.


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