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Pay attention to these when using RV Reducer!

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The reducer consists of the front stage of the planetary gear reducer and the rear stage of the cycloid pin wheel reducer. RV Reducer is one of the commonly used reducers with compact structure, large transmission ratio and self-locking function under certain conditions. Low vibration, noise and energy consumption. Follow the RV Reducer manufacturer to see the problems that need attention when using the RV Reducer.
Replace the lubricating oil of RV Reducer, conduct test run after the first qualified use, timely replace the lubricating oil and clean the reducer.
After the first official operation of the reducer for 300 ~ 400 hours, the lubricating oil shall be replaced in time.
If the RV Reducer is used in harsh environment with high temperature, dust and impurities, it is recommended to check the lubricating oil every 15 working days.
Keep the lubricating oil of the reducer clean, so as to extend the service life of the reducer.
There must be a ventilation device (vent), i.e. vent plug, to ensure that exhaust gas is discharged from the reducer during operation.
The longer the deceleration machine runs, the higher the temperature and hot air in the deceleration chassis will be.
If the vent plug does not remain unobstructed, this will result in the service life and performance of the reducer.
It is strictly forbidden to knock hard. When coupling, pulley and sprocket of reducer output device are used, straight hammer shall not be used.
As the output structure of RV Reducer cannot withstand hammering, please pay attention to the installation method.

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