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What causes three-phase asynchronous motor failure?

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Three phase asynchronous motor is a common power output device in mechanical equipment. In practical application, many factors will lead to motor failure. Follow the three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers to see what factors there are.
Overheating is the biggest cause of motor failure. In fact, the other four reasons listed in this article are partly because they generate heat. Theoretically, when the motor reaches the rated temperature, the insulation life of the winding will be halved for every 10 ℃ increase of heat.
Dust and pollution
Various suspended particles in the air will enter into the motor and cause various hazards. Corrosive particles may wear the parts, and conductive particles may interfere with the current of the parts. Once particles block the cooling channels, they accelerate overheating. Therefore, customizing the appropriate level of intellectual property protection for the motor can alleviate or even solve this problem.
Power problems
Harmonic current caused by high frequency switch and pulse width modulation may lead to voltage and current distortion, motor overload and overheating. Thus, the service life of motors and components is shortened and the long-term equipment cost is increased. In addition, the surge itself can cause the voltage to be too high or too low. In order to solve this problem, the manufacturer must pay attention to and check the power supply status every day.
Humid environment
Water vapor entering the motor in humid environment will corrode the motor components. In addition, when the water vapor in the humid environment mixes with the particulate pollutants in the air, it is fatal to the motor and further shortens the service life of the pump. Therefore, this is also the main reason why the matching pump motor is prone to failure.
Improper lubrication of motor bearing
Lubrication of motor bearings is a matter of degree. Excessive or insufficient lubrication can cause injury. In addition, pay attention to the pollution in the lubricant and whether the lubricant used is suitable for the motor bearing.
For example, high-power motor bearings need high lubrication index motor bearing grease, high-speed motors and high-temperature motors need high-temperature bearing grease, etc.
Ensure that all three-phase asynchronous motors use high quality bearings.
These problems are all interrelated, so it is difficult to solve one of them completely. At the same time, these problems have one thing in common: if the motor is used and maintained correctly and the environment is managed properly, these problems can be avoided.

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