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What is the stator part of three-phase asynchronous motor composed of?

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The stator part of three-phase asynchronous motor consists of frame, stator core, stator winding, end cover, bearing and other parts. Follow the three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers to understand these components.
(1) Base. The frame is used to support the stator core and fixed end cover. The base of small and medium-sized motors is usually cast iron, while the large motors are mostly welded with steel plates.
(2) Stator core. The stator core is a part of the motor magnetic circuit. In order to reduce eddy current and hysteresis loss, silicon steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5mm is usually laminated into a cylinder. The oxide layer on the surface of silicon steel sheet (insulating paint is required for large motors) is used as insulation between sheets, and slots parallel to the shaft are evenly distributed on the inner circle of the iron core for embedding into the stator winding.
(3) Stator winding. The stator winding is the circuit part and the most important part of the motor. It is usually connected by winding winding with insulated copper (or aluminum) wire. Its function is to use the input three-phase alternating current to generate a rotating magnetic field. Generally, the winding is made of high-strength insulated enamelled wire and is embedded in the stator slot in some way. The notch is tightly plugged with a wedge (usually made of bamboo). There should be good insulation between the winding turns in the slot and between the winding and the iron core. If it is a double-layer winding (i.e. two winding edges are embedded in the upper layer and the lower layer is embedded in the slot), the interlayer insulation shall be increased.
(4) Bearings. The bearing is the joint between the stator and rotor of the motor. The bearing includes rolling bearing and sliding bearing. Rolling bearings also include ball bearings (also known as ball bearings). At present, most motors use rolling bearings. This kind of bearing has an oil tank for storing external lubricating oil. The bearing is also equipped with an oil ring. When the shaft rotates, it drives the oil ring to rotate, bringing the lubricating oil in the oil tank to the contact surface between the shaft and the bearing. In order to distribute lubricating oil on the whole contact surface, an oil groove is usually arranged on the side near the shaft of the bearing.

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