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How can three-phase asynchronous motor improve efficiency?

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At present, the market demand for efficient and energy-saving motors is growing, and motor manufacturers are racking their brains to research, develop and produce efficient and energy-saving motors. How does an efficient motor work? As we all know, electric energy is consumed when the motor works. This is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. 70% - 95% of the electric energy absorbed by the motor is converted into mechanical energy, and the rest is consumed by the motor itself due to heating and mechanical loss. The motor with high power utilization is called high efficiency motor, which is short for high efficiency motor. Follow the three-phase asynchronous motor manufacturers to understand the main way to improve the efficiency of the three-phase asynchronous motor.
For motors, each time the efficiency is increased by one percentage point, the material will increase a lot. When the efficiency reaches a certain value, the efficiency of the motor can not be improved at all. At present, most efficient motors in the market are upgraded products of three-phase asynchronous motors. The efficiency of the motor is mainly improved by the following ways.
Increase the material, increase the outer diameter of iron core, increase the length of iron core, and increase the weight of copper wire. Y2-80 motor increases the outer diameter from φ 120 to φ 130. Some foreign motors are increased by φ 145, while the total length is increased.
Silicon steel sheet with good magnetic conductivity is used. In the past, hot-rolled steel sheet was used. Now, high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet with low loss is used, such as dw470. Lower dw270.
Improve machining accuracy, reduce mechanical loss, replace small fan to reduce fan loss. Use efficient bearings.
The electrical performance parameters of the motor are optimized by changing the shape of the slot.
Using cast copper rotor (complex process and high cost).

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